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Books belong from a golden era of literature and art when printed paper was the only medium for authors. If printed books were version 1 of books, ebooks were version 2, and now here comes version 3… audiobooks. Technically, it not ‘reading’ in the true sense, but ‘listening’ to books the way your parents or grandparents used to read out books to you at bedtime when you were a kid. To listen to an audiobook, one needs to simply download an mp3 format of the book to a phone from the site of one of the audiobook producers, plug earphones and catch up on the current hot bestseller that everyone is talking about. Createaudiobook.com, from Power Publishers is proud to announce the launch of its book to audiobook service – so that the very busy generation that has no time to read books, can now ‘listen’ to books on their way to work.
If you are an author with a fan base, or someone who has just taken his first step as a self published author, our audiobook service is sure to benefit you.  At such a time when technology is giving wings to new talents, you can only be more privileged by being an audiobook creator with an urge to reach out to readers as well as non-readers with this unique approach. So, hold our hand and walk into the future with one of the most trusted audiobook publishers.

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