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CreateAudioBook.com has always been a bandwagon of new ideas and innovative approaches that has traversed past traditional concepts associated with book reading and publishing. We have behind us a decade-long legacy of identifying new wordsmiths all over the world and giving them a platform to express. Along with our self-publishing division Power-Publishers.com, our writing service writer4me.com and our screenplay service TheScreenplayWriters.com, we have always nurtured new talents. Our power-book-trailers.com and comic-book-artists.com have professionally trained artists churning up some really good work for our international clients from 39 countries. Founded by author and screenplay writer Pinaki Ghosh, today, we have got yet another feather in our rather big hat, to talk about. For those who are not very familiar with the concept of audiobooks are probably missing out on a lot of action that the publishing industry, the world over, is experiencing. But, you have nothing to worry about because Power Publishers has come up with a unique audiobook publishing service that is making both writers and readers, sit up and listen! Yes, that is exactly, what it is with audiobooks. People today do not have the time to read stuff, but are willing to read contemporary literature and fiction if someone narrates the books to them. It’s exactly how news channels work in a huge way for folks who stick miles apart from the morning newspaper.

So, how complicated is the process of making an audiobook? To be frank, you don’t have to worry about anything once you have gotten in touch with us and booked for an audiobook package. Power Publishers / Createaudiobook.com, one of the top audiobook publishers, will conduct the entire process of production within our state-of-the-art recording studio where we shall convert text book to audiobook within a scheduled time of 2 weeks. Authors are provided with a variety of male and female voice options to pick from and the artists would lend voice and emotion to the characters of your story or simply be the narrator of your novel. That is exactly where your question ‘how to turn pdf into audiobook?’ gets answered. Once the production process is over, the audio file would be stored within DVDs and the mp3 versions could be run in both static as well as hand-held devices. The author is provided with complimentary DVDs and as per the contract, we make the audiobooks available in various online outlets (including the Power Publishers and Amazon websites) for people to buy. Our excellent promotional techniques take complete care of popularizing the new release in online portals and social media sites. So, in no time you would not only be a proud author with an audiobook to your credit, but also enjoying returns from your investment with royalty from sales.

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