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The idea is to simply reach out to a wider reader base through an innovative approach. Our audiobook services have been designed in such a way that they are able to do complete justice to the author’s original creation and add the right amount of emotional feel to the end product. It thus not only appeals to people who are unable to read, or do not have the time or patience for it but also establishes the author as a master story-teller. Power Publishers gracefully dons the hat of being one of the pioneers of audiobook publishing in India. Moreover, we make it possible for you to have an audio CD of your book ready under 50K! The process of converting a book to an audiobook is elaborate and the efficient team of Power Publishers offers you the right blend of services to ensure that the process runs smoothly and the end result meets the satisfaction of the author(s).
So, what do audiobook recording services by Power Publishers comprise of?

Cost: $790 for 1 audiobook of up to 150 pages. Includes the following:

Audiobook creation services comprise of the following services included within a package:

• Professional voiceover artist(s) who would lend voice to the book.
• Sound equipment hire for recording.
• Sound mixing and editing.
• DVD cover and sticker design.
• DVD cover/sticker printing and pasting.
• 30 complimentary audio DVDs recorded for the author.
• Postage cost for sending the complimentary DVDs to the author’s address.
• Availability of DVD on Power Publishers website, flipkart, Amazon and
• 50% royalty to be earned by the author from the sale of DVDs through Power Publishers and 15% from other outlets.
• Author’s dashboard to be provided to author to check live sales report.
• 10 complimentary posters for audiobook promotion.

So, if you are already planning to convert ebooks to mp3 be one of the first authors to take such a futuristic step towards becoming recognized by story-lovers of all tastes across the world.

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